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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What a difference a day makes

It really does, it all started at 8:00 this morning. I was sitting in the chair waiting for someone to call when the first Pigeon landed on the feeder. I didn't take that much notice of him until a Starling started feeding. Now I have only seen Starlings from a distance but not in the garden for a few weeks. It did not stop there as the old bossy Magpie dropped in. The Magpie has lost its blue on it's wings, unless it is very dull, still it is nowhere as bright as it was a few weeks ago. This is a pity as it looked so nice.

The Starlings have a nice sheen to their feathers, it really shone in the sun light. Both the Magpie and the Starlings fly off so fast I have not got a picture of them in flight. I will have to use a faster shutter speed when the light will let me.

Two Starling 
These birds were sitting on my long wire aerial but could not hold on, hence.

I hope that my parachute opens
 He managed to land on the bird table.

What's this then
His mate joined him for a feast

messy eaters
Very excited feeder, they throw out more than they eat.

The Magpie few in  and this bird should really be on T.V. Watch and see!

I'm Back
He then flew up on the bird feeder, I missed this because he is fast

Hum, what's this
In the feeder he can see Meal worms

Come here
He can see them and is wondering why he can't reach them (there inside a tube silly)

Got one (or something)
It was not a Meal worm but he's happy

Stupid feeder. I'm off
He did come back and saw off a few Pigeon's but I did not capture it.


Dropped to the ground

Dancing Pigeon's
That Egypt dance where the head moves backwards and forwards and the arms stretch out comes to mind.

Well it is a big one today. but it could have been bigger


  1. Hi Trev, fabulous action shots and a few feathers the dancing pigeons !
    all the best
    chris R

  2. Thanks Chris, Really they fell into my hands so all I had to do was photograph them. I bet that won't happen for a while.


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