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Monday, 15 July 2013

Darling Buds of May part one

Hi All, yesterday I went with two others to a classic car show at Buss Farm where the programme was produced. There must have been near 2000 cars on show and with the mercury climbing up towards the 30 it was hot. The first thing we did was to set up the shade and put on the sun screen, this did stop all three of use from burning up.

Our row, the left hand bonnet is ours

A 1969 Moggie

Lovely, one of the best

Nicely restored

He get everywhere

I am not sure if this one is entered as a joke but......

I'm saying nothing

This next one is priceless

How to enjoy a car show
Now you know why I am knackered after a car show, I'm the only one who works...

End of part one, thanks for looking.


  1. Fabby pictures Trev and a very interesting post ...
    Stan and Martin look VERY elegant ..... not!!
    E xx

  2. Great shots except for the last one. lol

  3. Your right Mike but the problem is that you just can't get the staff these days. Talk about laying down on the job...

    Will it be any different this weekend, no!!!


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