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Monday, 13 June 2011

Wet Sunday

Morning All, at least it is dry, well for now.

Yesterday was mostly dry in the morning but made up for it in the afternoon  In the morning I had my second Thrush in the garden (really not sure about the first). I was taking it easy having a coffee when I spotted what I thought was a Blackbird. I crept in and got the camera and took a few shots.

Young Blackbird
I was pleased that he stood still for me as this one was the best.

Then came the afternoon as a few of us had booked a cruise on the River Medway, it did rain but not too bad until we got back.

  The Kingswear Castle is a paddle steamer and I had not been on one since I was knee hight to a grasshopper. My Grandfather work on the Medway Queen and I got a free trip to Southend on it.

The boat left Chatham Dockyard at 1530 to head to the forts. The trip took us passed the old dockyard and Gillingham pier, on past the marinas and Upnor Castle down to the forts where it turned round to come back.

Here are a few sites and a few people you may know.

Above is the old Chatham Dockyard

Fort where we turned round

Guess who
We landed at 5:00PM and made our was to the Dockside Chinese for a meal, by this time it was raining hard and we were all glad to get inside. This just finished the day and by the time I went home the rain had stopped.



  1. Who's that funny looking bloke with the camera

  2. Rita and Brains! yeah!!

    Sorry Trev..... NOT a Thrush blackbird, yes I know it's huge but trust me, that's what the young ones look like for a while ... !

    Gonna buy you a blooming BIRD BOOK !!!! lol lol

    E :)

  3. Thanks Eileen
    I have a bird book but it only show one of each which shows a Male and that is it. There is only one Thrush but it looks like that one only a little darker.
    I will still have to wait for the thrush to return.
    I will have to get a better book.

    Mike, I just had lunch with that funny bloke.

  4. Now I have something going on. I just received via the newsreader all of the comments sent on Sunday including my own.
    They are not doubled so it could be Google's newsreader at fault


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