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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Car show

Morning all, Sunday Martin. Stan and me  set off for a car show at the Rare Breed Centre at Woodchurch. This was set up by the Morris Minor Owners Club and there was groups from Kent and East Sussex (about 80 Moggies)

This is a display of car and a run round.

Signing in

The run out had its problems this year as  Moggie was driven into a ditch.  It happened on a very narrow road. There was a campervan coming the other way that filled the road. Two cars in front of us pulled over and stopped. The one behind him (in front of us) drove the car into the ditch as the brakes failed. Nobody was hurt but the reed were all that stopped it going over. The campervan had a large rope and pulled the car back onto the road to be recovered later, we carried on.

WE were on the road about an hour and returned to the centre.

The field

Our group from the Kent branch

Not asleep but having a look at what he is thinking

Thats it thank for looking


  1. Good day out, these camper vans get everywhere, it must have been a bigger one than ours.
    I had a chuckle at the fourth one as it looks like the man in the background is trying for a place at my granddaughters' ballet show. Only joking with you Trevor. x

  2. Well done Trev and I think the one of Stan looking up in the air is good, was he looking for a flying Moggie I wonder.
    Nice set of cars which do the owners proud.

  3. Thanks Both, No Mike he is a sleep the poor old devil is getting old lol

  4. Thanks for the 'look see' Trev... I always enjoy you days out at the car shows! Super pictures of a great summers day !
    E xxxx

  5. Thanks Eileen, it was a great day out with friends


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