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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mike and me at Capstone Park

Morning all,
            I hope by now you have seen Mike's pictures of Capstone Park and the Heron, if not the link is at the side on this blog.

Mike is now up and about after four week being stuck indoors after a knee op. On Monday he rang me up to ask me to take him out to take some pictures. We decided to go to Capstone as it is on the door step.

Now after four weeks stuck inside Mike needed some WD40 on the old joints so was a bit slow moving around, this was ok because it gave us both time to set up a shot. Well in most cases.

On entering the park light was already fading with the sun and the cloud, but we had about 45 minutes.

End of summer


As we rounded the corner!

No more than 10 feet away, the Heron

Mike about 4 feet from him/her

A close up from me

Also there were other birds

A speed of light Coot, these birds are so fast they can walk on water

Not sure what this is as it is too big for a Mallard (purple flash on the side)

I can't normally get this close to one.

It was about this time that the light was fading and we decided to go home. This is what the Heron thought about it.

Bye for now


  1. Thanks for taking me out, getting a bit boring indoors. Great shots apart from the last one lol. must do it again. Mike

  2. Well Trevor, was the last one a request or lucky that it wasn't overhead. Great shots, we have seen the "big Mallard" before and someone said it was a Mallard Hybrid. Thanks for keeping him company. x

  3. I did not see that shot until I got home so it was a lucky shot.

    You are welcome and yes it would be fun

  4. Oh my word.... that naughty heron!!!!!
    super pictures Trev,,, they are fab pictures.
    Pleased Mike is on the mend.
    E xxx


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