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Friday, 29 April 2011

an afternoon along the riverside

I finally got some sunshine here so I decided to grab the camera and jump in the car as there was not many people around.
 A nice drive out on the old Sheppy  Road the sun was quite warm so I pulled over into a lay-by.

Looking out over the Isle Of Grain it was very misty. I thought this should give me something of interest.

I took some 50 or so and took the best out of what I had.

You can see how misty it was, click to see big version.On second thought don't!

This was the other side of the road still misty there.

I decided to drive on to the old Iwade road and take a look at the new bridge. 

Quite impressive

But More

The old and the new

There were a few cows laying down but they were to far in the mist to come out and looked like the camera was jumping up and down..

One last one
I had a play with my "sun set filter" so here is sun set at 1530 

How I wish we had sun sets like this.

Have fun and I hope to do a few more tomorrow.


  1. Smashing Trev.... love the ones of Sheppy Bridge....well done there! xxx

  2. Yes it did come out well, but I think that was because the mist was over the river

  3. Yup, it was a warm afternoon, may try again this afternoon


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