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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nothing doing

Well is has been a few days and not a lot happening. Just the house to keep ticking over.

I did have some fun and a relaxing lunch at Boomer's last Monday. It just show how sometimes there are gaps in
our exciting  lives.

I did have a run around yesterday and a chat to a few friends but that is only of interest to me.

I am hoping that things will warm up a bit and the sky clear so that I can get the telescope and the camera out again. It is club nite tonight and tomorrow, so fingers xxx.


  1. How are things going with the new camera Trev?

    I hope you are enjoying it ... Mike, Sue and 'little 'Ern look like they are having a good time!


  2. Not had the weather for going out with the camera Eileen, I keep hoping for a nice sunny day.

    I am hoping to go out to Queensdown warren if it is nice.
    Not heard from Mike today, maybe the drive is making him tiered

  3. About 30C here in Ft Lauderdale Florida.
    Come on Trev,get out and take some pics.
    Had trouble with the internet at the last hotel.

  4. Feels like -10 here after last week but its about 11 now.

    I enjoyed your Space Centre pictures, keep it up.

  5. Good that will stop the grass growing.

    We might see the launch from here, but not banking on it.

  6. Well it hasn't stop mine, when Mandy came on Thursday we both thought how much it had grown since Tuesday.

    You had better get some sheep in by the time you get home!


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