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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

An evening with Saturn

As you may know Saturn is one of the solar systems gas giants and has ring around it. It is a distance of about 880 million miles from the Earth. If the "seeing" is good there is a lot of detail to be had.

Last night the "seeing" was poor meaning that the air was unsteady. This causes the image in a telescope to wobble, this give one second a good image and the next a blob. 

Here is a reasonable image (I have taken better) and a very poor one. This was around 09:30 last night
As you can see Saturn is a long way away and is a small image
Magnified you can see the rings. 

This is a moment of bad seeing, just a blob

This was taken with a different camera and telescope back in 2004.
Saturn's rings were more open so you get a bigger image.

I hope to get some better shots as Saturn gets higher and the decrease on the light of the Moon later next week.


  1. That's pretty good Trev .... The pictures are like us really ..... early years a good image and later years ..... a blob!! lol ;) x

  2. Yup, tonight I try my little Fuji on Saturn, that may turn out to be a joke that you can have a laugh tomorrow.

  3. Saturn will run rings around you Trev

  4. That is so poor, I thought that you could do better Mike.

    Cloudy one night, then the next I has someone here and yesterday was club, so no picture.

    Tonight I hope to go the Canterbury with Peter and take some images with the 14". Looking forward to it.


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