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Saturday, 9 April 2011

An evening with the telescope (well a few hours)

Today I set up my telescope for the first time in a couple of year. It was not really put away but left where it was stored until I had my cataracts done last year.

Wednesday I polar aliened it and set it up but the cloud stopped me so I brought it in. 

The 8" but with the old mount
New mount

Today I took it out to view some sunspots (early morning) but did not both doing any imaging

These were taken from 2030 to 2100 and are the best of them.

 Telescopes take images upside down and left to right is changed.


  1. Cor ....clever stuff Trev ! xx

  2. Thanks but I could do without the high cloud.
    Up early Eileen!

  3. Very nice pics Trevor


Thanks You for your comment