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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Look back and smile

This is really only of interest to Eileen, Mike and Sue.

Stan and me (Martin was there as well) were milling over old times, when Stan thought of when we used go over to Eileen and Kendo's. Do you remember the RTTY contests where we would have to take a four hour break and sleep on the floor. Eileen would provide sandwiches and drink, while Kendo and a few of us got on with the contest. There was one time when Stan and a few others (David (NBH) was one) sitting on the sofa and Stan wiggled the antenna of his radio to fool Kendo and me into thinking that we had a strong signal.

Then there was the time that Bob, Lorna, Stan and me turn up with the Chinese for dinner and you Eileen gave Zoe some boxes full of hot water.

We all had a laugh and nobody got hurt and it was fun.

I could go on but I will leave other for another time.

The motley crew?


  1. That's Ted Hatch with the white hair.

  2. Yup who else?
    Stan and Ian Two Jolly Painters. do you remember him?
    I am waiting for Eileen to see it

  3. For gawd sake .... how great is this!!! I remember it all so well Trev, great fun times and a good laugh ! Thanks for taking the trouble to post this .... Love ya xxxxx Kendo in his MGI 'T' shirt !priceless! xxxx

  4. I remember when these were taken, well done Trev for bringing them out again, good memories for all of us.

  5. Yes we all had a lot of fun but things move on, pity.


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