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Monday, 13 February 2012

Meet Fred

Hi All
       Last week my Budgie died after having him for nine years. The poor thing got ill and went very quickly, so did not suffer. It is sad to loose a pet after such a long time but today in comes Fred. Fred is a dark green with yellow a grey feathers, he is between six and twelve weeks old. He has settled down quite quickly and is exploring his cage by climbing all over it. He is also jumping around the bottom like a yo-yo. I think he is going to be a noisy bird as he has been shouting on and off. Tonight he went to sleep and did not worry about a thing even when I went up to the cage.

Hello I'm Fred
 There you are, this was taken about an hour after he was put in his cage.

When I can get closer to him I will take a better picture

That is have fun 


  1. Sorry to hear about your pet Trevor. Fred looks a fine looking fella. I had a budgie when I was a child called Joey. He was blue. He was 12 when he died.

  2. That was a ripe old age Jean, the most up to now was 7. This one seemed to just go on. We got him the week of the Pig roast back in 2003.

    I think he will be a terror

  3. Well done for taking up my request for a picture. There you can practise your bird photography on Fred, just make sure that Daisy and Holly don't get to see him or they will be asking about Chicken again!
    Hello Fred, sorry to hear about Joey but glad you found another one.

  4. As said before, welcome to Trevs home.

    I know you will look after him (Trev that is).

  5. This morning he started to eat as he didn't have a bit yesterday.

    He's been shouting and jumping over the bottom of the cage. I'm thinking of putting him in for the long jump.

  6. Hi Trev, sorry to here about your loss, but Fred looks a fine bird,
    keep the photos coming !
    Chris and Dave R

  7. Oh Trev... Fred is lovely .. Sorry about Joey xx I will be looking forward to seeing more pictures of Fred ... lots of them!!! Maybe fred would like a friend ... can you get another 'Fred' for him to play with xxx Daisy and holly just love each others company x

  8. If you do that they don't talk


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