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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wet, wet, wet

Morning all

Well what a day yesterday, rain, rain and more rain. It is nice out there now but for how long.

I had a few set backs yesterday and did not get back on but this lot is really from Thursday.

I was sitting watching the birds in the garden around 1600 and had the camera handy. There was quite a lot going on and I was watching some Starlings trying to get to a feeder that had some Mealworms in it. There was not a lot for them to grip onto so it was quite funny. I managed to get a picture of one but is is a bit blurred, try clicking on it.

Starlings at feeder

Not very good but it give you an idea.

Feeder sharing

I have put together a small bird table but the birds have not got use to it yet and on the pigeons are using it.

More later if it stays nice


  1. Sorry I have not commented on your blog today as I have been busy processing loads of holiday photographs since we fixed the blog today. Like the feeder shots, did you use a polariser or process them. Will have to sort out the optimum size of image for the blog so as not to fill the storage up with unwanted pixels.

  2. (:-)
    No I had to process out the reflections. I did not put it on until late Mike

  3. Your as bad as me staying up late.


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