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Sunday, 15 January 2012

A complete change

As Mike said we put his telescope together yesterday and put it through its paces last night. Jupiter was high in the sky and was the perfect target to for a beginner. The cloud belt stood out a long with three of the moons of Jupiter. One was disappearing onto the surface with a very small gap just visible to us. The air was not that steady seeing how cold it had been in the day. We had clear steady air for a few seconds, and then everything would go out of focus. Then I pointed out to Mike the there was a dark spot on one of the cloud belts. this was the fourth moon making a transit of the planet.  With an 8" telescope this is hard to see.

I then showed Mike M45 The Pleiades, this is an open cluster high in the sky around 8:00 in the evening.

All this go me to have a go with mine this morning but I really had left it a bit late. The Moon was heading west and the atmosphere was a bit too thick, so getting a good focus was impossible. I had a go anyway. Not as good as I have taken but ok (if you don't look too hard).

Montes Apenninus
South is up and North is down

I wont bore you any more

Thank for looking


  1. So amazing Trev ! We would never see so much detail, if it was'nt for people like you taking the trouble to take such amazing shots...Thank you !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. There you go Trev, that's 3 people who like them, well done that man.

    I was so impressed with M46 that I went to the Dockyard Bookshop to stock up with reading matter and got the Hubble prints. Also another book so I am on a very long path.

    Really enjoyed last night so onwards and UPWARDS we go.

  3. Thanks both.

    Weather stopped tonight but I have something for tomorrow.

    Watch this space

  4. Interesting pictures Trev ... seems Mike has caught the 'bug'!

    Far more entertaining than ....POWER STATIONS...rock 'n roll!!

    E xx

  5. Eh, what's wrong wiv Power Stations, they keep the lights on.

    Yep Mike caught the bug all right but there is a downside as Trev will confirm, it's blinking cold out there at night.

  6. Thermals are the order of the day with a hat!


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