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Friday, 8 April 2011

What is happening

Well it is now Friday and at the end of the week, so what is happening, to be honest not a lot.

Going out shopping seemed to be the highlight of the day (not good) but from then on it was a lazy day.

I mooch around most of the afternoon, I could not be bothered to even put the TV on.

This got to dinner time so I made a salad (a lot of effort went in to this, I don't think)

Then a round 1945 I left to go to the club. A lot of chat and a committee meeting but it was nice to get out.

Tonight I have the Astronomy meeting which will be good fun as I get to meet different people with loads of different interests.

I have someone coming to value the house for the solicitor this afternoon, so that should be fun.

I am interested in up dating my camera but still undecided on what to get, it will be another Canon as I have too many different lens for one.



  1. In the 1960's Michael was at home when the Estate Agent went to value his parents house before they moved.
    Most activity was turn tap on, flush loo and pop head into loft. From this they were able to sell the house, water came from the tap, the loo worked and you could not see the sky from the loft hatch. All important when buying a property I suspect.

  2. It is a bit different now he measured all the room and took a good look round the garden and the sides of the house. He is a friend of Charles and Jean, so we had a chat as well


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