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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Old and New

Hi All
      Not a lot happening since Sunday but I thought I would fill in with some more pictures of Sunday's car show. I promise to leave Martin alone this time.

View across the show

View across the show

This was across from us 

This is just one of the stalls

There was a stall for the Medway Queen (the paddle steamer) but I did not take any shots of it, pity.

That is the old part of this. I am sure that Mike will know what some of the cars are!

This morning my new lens arrived so I must show off with it. The first three are just resized to get the size down below one meg. The next three are processed but not much.

Just resized

The lens is a Canon (what else) 55 -  250 IS

That is it see you tomorrow


  1. Ooooo new camera goodies .... nice one Trev. xx

  2. He,s got the Lens Lust that's all. XX

  3. No That was my birthday present to ME, Mike.
    It replace the one that wobbled about.

    Thanks Eileen.

  4. It seem that the blog has a problem, I can write but not insert a picture even on old posts.

    So I hope things are ok tomorrow

  5. Oh dear Trev, it's your turn. I wish I could give myself a "birthday Present" BTW WHEN was your birthday??


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