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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Aylesford Friary Car show

What a wonderful day out, three of us went to this car show at Aylesford Friary for the day. There was Stan White, Martin Pearson (who owns the car) and me. The show was for vintage cars and Martin has done up a Morris 1000 Traveller.  When the three of us get together you just know it is going to be a great day. This time it was Martin who got the stick, every time something went wrong or he missed something.

We left home at 0910 and arrived at about 0940, the morris flat out only does about 60MPH then you have to think real hard about stopping, it is a 1960 car. Well the first part of the assault course was Bredhurst Village which has a 20MPH speed limit and speed bumps. Well the Morris won't go over the bumps at 20MPH we had to slow to around 10MPH. We turned into Forge Lane much to the relief of the following drivers.

The next hazard was Aylesford Village which has the same problem as Bredhurst   20MPH and speed bumps. Despite all efforts to stop us we got there and found our pitch.

Arriving at the pitch
 We all helped set up camp and decided to have a coffee, this was a mistake as Martin had left the milk at home. At this point I should add that Stan and me had offered to bring things along but were told no. Martin did have some cream which save the day until he put it away and it fell over in a bag, two strikes.

Some of the cars on show


At the back in the distance you can see a blue gazebo, that is us

Quite a large display of cars

About 1215 Martin said he would cook dinner, no he would do it and didn't need any help. That was well done and he did us proud, but he only brought two folk for three people.

To recap that is:
No Milk
Spilt the cream in a bag
only two folk for three
Well you guessed it we will not let him for get it. But it was a nice dinner. but it was just too good to be true, he had not brought enough kitchen towels, so there are five thing wrong with the day.

Well the show went on and as you can see some great car on display. and it was time to pack up. Oh, I forgot to say that we had some heavy shower in the afternoon but we did not blame Martin for this.

Anyway after placing everything into the car Martin decided to get his own back on Stan and me. We were driving through Aylesford Village when the was a lot of noise coming from the underneath of the car, we stop and could not find anything wrong so drove off. A few yard down the road and wow what a racket. Stan got out to walk beside the card and soon spotted the problem, the nearside wheel was coming off, see below.
Martin making sure that the rest are going to get us home.

Well you can guess what Stan and I said to him, we added up his bad day.
No Milk
Spilt the cream
Short on folks
Not kitchen towel
and trying to kill us on the way home

In the end Martin gave Stan and me a great day out and for that we really do thank him.


  1. Really GREAT story Trev. Poor Martin, hope it got you home in the end. I really like these sort of events and I see they had my favourite car, the Stag. Oh how I loved working on them (NOT) in the good old bad old days. Well done Trev, smashing blog.

  2. Enjoyed the Blog, but you never said what you had for dinner!

  3. burgers Sue with Salsa and pots
    Starter was cheese and pate on French bread
    finish up with a fresh fruit salad

    A meal fit for a King

    There was loads of picture that I didn't put up Mike as it would have been too big.

  4. Envy is a terrible thing - but I'm envious. Sounds as if the 3 of you (although with only 2 forks between you!) had a great day. Hey - come down to Hampshire with me to the Netley Marsh Steam Rally middle of July - you'll see all the cars, lorries, buses, showmans wagons, steam rollers etc etc etc that you could hope to see in a relatively small show!!!! Ice creams as well!!!!! Well done Trev. Also I bet you're amazed that I found my way on to your blog site. Never done it before.

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    Well amazed is an understatement... I am however glad that you did.

    If you follow Mike, Eileen and me you will see some good sights and have a lot of fun.

    Have a nice day and teach Kayrol how to leave comments.

  6. Smashing post Trev..... I really enjoyed reading the story of your day .... Poor Martin, in the mire up to his neck! Meal sounds yummy. Looks like you had a super time, Mmmmmm bit dodgy about the wheel tho!!!! xxx

  7. Martin will get his own back on Stan and I that I am sure of but we are all such good friends and do a lot together, but you must know when to duck.


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