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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Things are getting better

Morning all
           Things are getting better but this means the birds are coming to my garden a lot more now. Three weeks ago apart from pigeons I hardly had any birds in the garden, this had been going on for a number of years. three weeks ago I set up a feeding stations (their words) and after a few day some birds visited the garden. It seems that they are getting used to the place as they don't always fly away (as much) when I go out there.

For a couple of weeks I have been trying to photograph a Magpie but I have never been quick enough to catch him, until this morning. He was standing on the "feeding station" and gave me time to fetch my camera. I got a few shots before he jumped on the to bird table. One problem, he kept his back to me. He did turn round on his side and I got a lucky shot. I have picked out these two. Sorry I can't get rid of the reflection in the window.



Now since I put up the feeders I have not had any birds going near to the peanuts until this morning when a Starling decided to try them out, I changed the feeder that they were in so that now they get a better grip on the sides .

Peanut feeder

peanut feeder

I said I would be back!

After lunch I was messing around cleaning this and that when I went out into the garden, wow, there was a few cloud formations that needed to be photographed. Here they are I hope that you like them.

There is no processing only resized to fit

Have fun see you tomorrow


  1. Your getting there re through the window shots have you tried a polariser yet??

  2. Yes these were taken using it (:-(

  3. These are good pictures Trev .... great the birds are using your feeders .... try some Niger seed and that will bring in the gold finches and green finches... they love that! You will need a Niger seed feeder but they are cheap to buy .. Lovely, lovely pictures of the clouds Trev ...well done :)

    E xx

  4. I will try that, but not sure if I have seen the feeder as most look the same to me.
    I will look it up and see

    I have seen the seeds and they are very small, so the feeder may be different


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