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Friday, 24 June 2011

Some lucky shots

G'd to you all

           One of those days, you know, you have to catch up on those things that you are going to do tomorrow. Well tomorrow got here, I was up at 0530 washed and all that, bed made and off the get the daily paper. Came back and had breakfast. Dom engineering done and then off shopping for the weekend. By 1000 I was ready to crash but found a few more things to do, one was take a parcel over to my neighbour and she made me a coffee. this and a chat relaxed me for half an hour (and her).

After lunch I got the camera out and sat by the window. Nothing much but I remembered something that was said at the club last night. If you remember Martin, Stan and me went to a car show last Sunday and Martin nearly lost a wheel. All Stan was singing last night was "Three wheels on my Morris" this made everyone laugh.

Back to today, while this was going on I caught some of the following pictures. They are a little bit just not there but it was a  quick shot each time.

 The reflection is still from the window and  I have not found a way round that, yet, no filter.

And this

The trouble with this is that he is flying away

going back
This is what they are landing on
Feeder Station
That is it for now


  1. Gawd... you must spend a fortune on bird food Trev .... good on yer tho!!

    Sounds like fun at the club ...poor Martin !

    E xx

  2. Yup but not too much, I do have to feed myself


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