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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nature walk part one

Hi All,
 I have had to split this one up as there is so much to tell. First Berengrave Nature reserve is just that not a country park, all that is maintained is the pathways and to keep the lake clear. For this reason in the summer  there is not much to see. Across the road is another part of this reserve. This lead to the old Rainham Dock. It is a little better with made up paths. You can wonder onto unmade paths and one of these take you to a hide.


View through the Hide

 All I saw at this point was a few Doves and Pigeon's nothing else.

I forgot to say that I parked in the Motley Hill car park and walked across the road. I had no idea that I was not in Riverside until I got to the other end when the sign said Berengrave.

Off the path on into some of the clearing are some unusual plant, some I have never seen before.

No idea what this is

or this

It can be a bit of a nightmare going of the main path as this shows.

Fallen tree, path goes round it

 After I got back on the main path I found myself on the Lower Rainham Road. I turned round and made my way back to Motley Hill.


That is it for today, the rest of the trip tomorrow.

Oh one shot before I go for Daisy and Holly

One dog swimming the other paddling 

Bye Folks


  1. Hi trev, I think the yellow plant in the middle
    picture might be 'Evening primrose' or a genus
    from E P. I'll try and find out !
    chris r

  2. Yes trev, it is evening primrose ! Just found a
    picture of the same....
    chris r

  3. Interesting Trev, I did not even know that it existed. Nice "Primrose".
    Hi to Chris

  4. Thanks Chris, I had not even seen on before. There are a lot of different plants their.

  5. Really beautiful plants, pictures arn't bad either!!!

  6. I never knew about this place Trev.... thanks for the info I will paying a visit after our hols !
    Good shots as well Trev ....
    Daisy and Holly have been clipped and shampooed etc ....cor they look so cute and smell sooooooooo SWEET ....for a while!!!xxxx

  7. Oh Love to both of them,I hope that you all have a good holiday

  8. We will have to sort out your account, Kayrol


Thanks You for your comment