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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Down in the wood today

I managed to go to Berengrave Park this afternoon after the sun came out. Berengrave nature Park is part of the Riverside Country Park. It is all woodland with a "lake" but this time of the year it is very low. If you click on the picture above you maybe able to read it, the the level is well down in the summer.
The walk is nearly all under cover and there are viewpoints along the way.
From what I could see you can only see treetops form any of them. 
Nowhere can you see the lake form these, if you want the lake you need to carry on until the first steps that you come to.
Going down
As you know what goes down must come back up and still no sign of the lake.
There a lot of fallen tree's near the main path, some of them worth a look.
Broken tree
Fallen tree
There are other thing to photograph on the way.

But I did get to the lake and at first I thought it was a waste of time. I kept going and found open water.
There was a couple of duck and some water Voles. There also some fish jumping but too fast to image them.


A word of warning, if you do go the the reserve you need flat shoes as there are tree roots all across the path.
I will be going again sometime but I will  wait for the lake to fill.

It was a good hour out and I heard some bird calls that I had not heard before.
Bye for now


  1. Seems as though this is not somewhere they look after the Riverside Country Park has an Award along with Capstone Park. Pet hate of ours is when they put in viewing points and then plant small trees, fine until you return and the trees have grown and you can't see anything.

  2. I used to go to this park a lot when I was working in Rainham, but it is better early in the year (only if you like birds!) before too many leaves grow on the trees. A couple of viewing points look down over the tree tops and the birds were easy to see as they started to built their nests and 'courting' in great numbers .... as soon as the leaves appear the little b*ggers disappear!

  3. What a shame, could be a nice spot to go. Computer given up the completely now. reverting back to the notebook.

  4. It is run by volunteers Sue, from the board it is supposed to be like this. They only look after the paths and steps but they do put on events.

    I think that the way it is laid out you are right Eileen. The water level in the lake would but a lot higher. I am not sure how you would get near it when this happens as where I was standing was below the lake level.

    I could hear a few birds calling but only saw Pigeons and Doves.

    I shall go back later in the year.

    Sorry to hear that Mike, I still think it is an over heating problem.

  5. Diagnostics says it's memory,but who am I to know.

  6. Hi TREV, love the pics and following your exploits...a good read also
    chris richards


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