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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday's bits

I really have not had much luck today as there was a party next door. I manage a couple of shots.
I do have a question, is one of there two Magpie's a baby, it look like it is puffed up or very young.

These happened this morning.

Is this a baby Magpie
These two spent a while in the garden and at one time this one seemed to attack the other one but neither flew  off , it was like they both went for each other and then carried on eating.

Looks like a chip
See how plump this one is compared with the other one
Flew into tree
In flight

 That is all I have for today, better luck tomorrow


  1. I think it could have been a baby Trev ....Lots of sparrows and starlings in my garden doing the 'feed me trick' with mum at the moment. They all have that puffed up look and shake as they 'beg for food' It's sweet to watch the sparrows as mum drops more tip-bits into their beaks... The Starling mums appear to say "watch wot I do son" and make them get on with it! xxx :)

  2. Thanks Eileen, I don't know where the sparrows have gone and not many Starlings. There is the odd one, but for now two is a big number.

    I have a pair of Blackbirds, loads of Doves and Wood pigeons but that is it.

    They may have found better food else where.

  3. You wont' find many birds getting together while they are breeding Trevor .... they start flocking together when they have finished raising their young. That is why the numbers appear down in some cases ... you are right, as well, when you say they are going elsewhere for food .... the bird poo mess in my garden means most of the little buggers are over here!! xx lol lol lol

  4. You can send them back it you want to.

    I will just have to wait then


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