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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday afternoon drive

With a party over the back the birds stayed away, least all but a few and they did not stay long. There was a Blackbird but it was off after a few minutes. As few Pigeon's came and went so after lunch I decided to go for a drive.

Up over Boxley and into Pilgrims Way. I found a place to to stop and had a few shots.

 No need for a caption

I drove on a little bit and another stopping place

Don't go their
Drove on quite a way this time, nowhere to stop and not much of interest but I did find the next couple of shots interesting

More sheep

I love tree but this was a pig to get right. The light was wrong so this is the best of a bad lot

Dead tree but came out right

even more sheep
over Maidstone
Well that is it, a bit different but would have been better if the sun had played ball.

Better luck tomorrow


  1. Don't know The Larches.... where exactly is it Trev?... Mind you, not good for the puppies if it is crawling with Adders ..... might be good for a winter walk! :(

  2. It is on Pilgrims Way between Boxley and the Detling Rd. It just looks like woods and not a park. I only stop at the sign so that I could walk back a bit.
    No don't take D&H there.

  3. It is just a nature reserve looking at the notice

  4. Cheers Trev .... Please can you email me I need to ask you something!

    E xx


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