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Monday, 22 August 2011

Bloors Wharf part three on the ground

Hi All
            This morning it look like a nice sunny morning and as there are a few sunspots on the sun I thought that I would do something different. I set up my 8" when the sun had cleared the roof. The sun is still lowish at 8:30AM and there was some high cloud. this doesn't help with focusing. Anyway I took a few pictures on one came out fairly well. I has been processed in PS to bring out the rice effect around the sunspots.

Sunspot group 1271
Click the picture to enlarge

Tonight was one of the most beautiful sunset. these were taken at 2005 to 2010


I just had to add these just to show Mike what he missed by not going out the front, Sorry Mike

Back to Bloors Wharf

There were lots of birds just sunning themselves close in for a change.

Looking for food
He did find some and seemed quite happy

Having a paddle

I'a not sure what this is as it could be just a baby but it was the only one with brown feathers

Having a clean
It is funny the difference between garden and sea birds, the garden one are always on the look out where sea birds just carry on, no fear.

Sleepy bird
Do you think this one was tyred 

Tug of war
It look like a rag worm but it is to far way to be sure.

Oyster Catcher
There was a colony right out of in the river but a few ventured in.

Bottoms up
At the top of this picture are two bird with a Gull anyone know what the are. They are a bit out of focus as I was going for the ones at the bottom of the picture.

That is it for Bloors Wharf, I may go back later when the tide is in.


  1. Doh, what happened to tonight's sunset, I was looking forward to that?

    Unfortunately my west is completely covered on houses.
    Good ones on the birds mucking about in the mud.
    Think the tyre one is the best.

    Well done.

  2. Hi Trev, love that 'tyred' old bird......a bit like myself ! The sunsets are so stunning and how odd to have one bird with brown feathers,
    Thanks for sharing Trev
    Chris R

  3. Yes Chris that is why I think it is a baby as it was the only one.
    That Tyred one was sitting there all the time I was there and didn't move.

    That was a pity Mike because I have not seen a red sky like that for a long while.

    Now I have to find something to follow this with for tonight!

  4. Mike that was last night sunset.

  5. Ah, I see you corrected the TIME, not the Date, silly me.

    Who's this " tyred old bird" Trev?? Hi Chris, he he.

    Getting tyred of putting old trains up Trev meed a new subject..


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