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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Medway Estuary action

Tuesday was a bit funny weather wise, it was hot then cloudy. It just couldn't make up it's mind.

     I decided to head out not really sure where I was going, just pointed the car and went. I ended up on the road by the Medway Estuary. It is a place I often go but I have never been at hight tide, this changed today. It was hight water about 15 minutes after I arrived not that you notice fifteen minutes. There were load of Gulls some close in others a good bit out. There were also some other birds but mostly Gulls.

Fish in mouth
I just missed him picking it up but he'd not swallowed it. He then turned on me.

Clear off
 Mouth open and coming for me

  Aggressive birds always come after me, anyway he turned a way.

Bird in the air
As you know I love action shots
In flight

Not sure what these birds are

More of them with a Swift or Swallow
Three in flight
Those Pigeon get everywhere
tonight's Sunset
Not quite as good as it looked

That's it for now
See you tomorrow


  1. Hi Trev, Agressive birds always come after me....
    I hope you mean the feathered variety !!
    lovely shots trev,
    chris R

  2. Yes,really good action shots Trev .... The black birds, if they had orange legs and beaks, could have been Oyster Catchers ...loads down on the Medway.... bit too small to see from your pictures could you wade into the mud and get closer for me next time please Trev !! lol xxx

  3. I will try next time, they never came close in to see.

    Thanks Chris

  4. Trev's got few books on birds Eileen. Time for a longer lens, he he


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