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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Me again, I have been busy  today. so what I thought I would do is pick out some of the photograph's that I would have like to show but as there were too many did not go in. I normally take over 70 pictures so I can't put them all in, these are to ones I missed out.


 All these were taken in my garden with my old Canon 300D and standard lens 

Christmas Party 2009
This was the Christmas Party at the Home where my mother was a resident up until July 2008. They invited me to take part in that year. Sadly the home has closed and it is no possible for me to get to see them. These five girls looked after mum. the one on the right (Jo) her and I got on very well she got me through lots of ups and downs with mum. I saw her a few weeks ago and it was hugs and kisses all round.

Same birds

This is another picture of the birds that I did not know what they were.

That is it for now


  1. These photo's are super Trev ...Lovely ladies that looked after your mum ...always a tough time cos we love 'em so much x

    Now Trev ... Mike is quite right ...treat yourself to a longer lens .... how can I be your official "wot is this bird? person" if I can't see the b*gger in the first place .... lol lol lo :) xxx

    BTW, what is the space at the top of your blog that has submit at the end for ? What do we put in there?

  2. Hi Trev, Beautiful flowers Trev ! We can certainly see these B*ggers, cant we lol !
    All the best
    chris R

  3. Thanks both,
    You must have something different as on my page it says "email address" and it is in a box. The submit is at the end. It is to notify you by email when the blog is updated or a comment is made.

    I will change the colour format and see if it make it any better.

  4. Maybe that will make it stand out a bit Eileen

  5. Hi Trev, nice to see you last night.
    Great flower pics, ain't you got any Daisy's hi.
    Yes definitely a new lens is called for, start saving.
    What's this about the rain comimg between 11an and 2pm, they got that wrong!! Was that OTL??

  6. The third picture down are Daisies Hee

    Yup it was a good late night

    See you at 1:00

  7. Hi Trev, I thought the third picture down,
    were mesembryanthemums ? Or is it my eyes ?
    chris R

  8. Ooooooo you tell 'im Chris .... I'm sure they are .... what ever it was Chris said!!!

    Mike getting the rain wrong was D&H ... Poor Trev getting the blame ....

    LOVELY colours on your blog background Trev ... :)
    I'll shove my email addy in that box and see what happens ! xx

  9. Well ..... FEED BURNER will let me know your every move Trev ..... so I will never miss a post or comment .... Rock and Roll!!!

  10. Chris they are something daisies I grew them two years running a good few years ago. They maybe the name you gave them but I have not heard of that.

    Well down Eileen you should not miss another post.

    I am glad that you like the colour


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