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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Teston Kite Festival Part one

Hi All
      Yesterday was the Kite festival at Teston Park. I went with Mike and Sue and what a day it as. Nice friendly bunch they were.

The Kites were something else as I am told some of the bigger ones can cost upward of £3000. I can believe it as the work that goes into them.

I have decide to divide this up into at least two parts with this one showing some of the kites. Tomorrow will be about the day. Before I start yesterday was one of my worse days of Hay Fever that I ever have had and didn't stop until I got home.

Teston Park is in a hollow and not the best place to fly kite. The morning wind was up and down with gusts and falling off to nothing. Bad news for flying a kite.

Hight flyer 
A picture doesn't show size but this was a smaller one

Hanging on
This really looked the part from a distance

Guess who
Lots of novelty Kites

Could you say coming up for air
 This was quite a lot bigger than it looked

Maybe a beetle

Not sure what this is

This may have been the biggest one there.

There were load more but these are the best that I took.

That bird on my last blog (a Dull Day) was a baby Sparrow if you look carefully you can see the wing feather going brow, the other are baby down type and are moulting

See you tomorrow


  1. Wow, you beat me Trev, nice " may be a Beetle" one. Cant put a blog up yet as I have the family coming

  2. Yes Mike I can only think of that (Beetle).

    The sunset is on my Flickr site link above came out better on the computer than on the camera.

    I can't wait to see your when it goes up.

  3. Good day with plenty to see, great fun. That's what I said yesterday, when you see the tiny image on the camera screen it doesn't always compare with the computer screen. Glad you enjoyed the day and I shall have a look at your sunset.

  4. Well Sue I have put the sunset up on my Flickr site, you can follow the link above. I was please the way they came out.

  5. Hi Trev, Sorry missed you yesterday ! (busy, busy ) Sounds like you had a good day....Those kites look amazing ! Shall follow the link to flickr
    chris R

  6. Thanks Chris

    Yes, we had an amazing day and as Mike said it finished with a Barbi to die for.


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