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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Returning birds

Hi All
        I have let Mike put up his blog on the Teston kite Festival and will put part two up Monday night.

Quite a lot going on today in the garden with a great flock of Doves coming and going. A helicopter fly-by and the return of the Starling. In fact I had three at once  (almost a flock). Then a single Sparrow who ran from me but did not fly off. I think this was young bird as they (adult normally fly off). I also had a greenfinch but he was frightened off by the Doves.

Air rescue 
Right on the limit of the lens, which is why the focus is not so good

In fact the lighting was not that good on most of these, so I have to use a slower shutter speed.

Make way
I said make way
They didn't but he did land.

Magpie forcing a Dove out of the way
This must be the Mum or (Dad) baby not around. he didn't stay long, had a drink and flew off

Take off
They just decided to go

I'm outnumbered
Then another Starling landed and he was really outnumbered 

Three Starlings
This is the most that I have seen for months. Coupled with the Greenfinch maybe the birds are coming back.

That's it for today.

Have FUN


  1. That Dove looks like he's seen a ghost.

  2. Hi Trev, nice to see the naughty starlings back !
    You were right about the baby bird.....I think i'll stick to plants !!!
    all the best
    chris R

  3. Oh I had to laugh at that comment Mike, but which one as they all do to me.

  4. The Magpie forcing the Dove out of the way one.

  5. This must be my 12th one today. Like them though


  6. The Dove looks like a ghost


Thanks You for your comment