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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dull Day

I think that the sun has poked it's head through the clouds once today. It has been overcast all day. Not good for action shots with the camera, you just can't get the speed settings. I like F8 and 500 minimum but today 500 was hard but with 3 stops down it make the picture dark. The ISO was 800 instead of 400, so noise is on the pictures. The window reflection is there but reduced in Faststone, not good but some action.

I stated off with what I thought was a Sparrow which was a first for nearly two months. On the camera it did not look like a Sparrow but a baby something. Now it is on here I think it is a baby but it still looks like a Sparrow. I don't have a book that shows baby birds and finding one seems impossible.

Fur ball
 Does look like a Sparrow

Fur ball two
 What do you think

After this the Magpies dropped out of the trees and chased the Doves off, they had a little feed and flew off.

Then, something that I have wanted to capture for a long while, two doves fighting, I got three picture in before one flew off

Seconds out
It is about to start

What a ding dong

he's off
It is a wonder that they did not hurt each other but the didn't.

After this the one that won flew off, what was the point

Bird in flight
Bird in flight
That was it for today tomorrow I am off the a Kit festival with Mike and Sue, weather permitting more picture.

Night nite


  1. Hi Trev, not such a dull day after all with those two doves......I think that the baby bird
    could possibly be a baby Thrush.....I dont think they get their markings until they are older ?
    But its just a guess ! Thanks for sharing Trev...
    Chris R

  2. The "circling" one is great well done.


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