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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday again Part one

Hi All,
       Yes, too many photographs again.

      A mixed day as regards the weather, it was a bit dull when I got up and then turned sunny and back to dull. It did not rain as they said it would and I manage a couple of shot though the reflection.

After lunch I decided to grab the camera bag, do a bit of shopping before seeing what the weather was going to do. It was sunny when I finished so I made a beeline to Motley Hill.

When I got to the car park there were a few cars but plenty of room. I thought that the tide might be coming up but it was low water. I made my way along the path to the shore line. The creek did not have any birds in it so I followed the shore towards Bloors Wharf. This means that I can out into the river and get better shots.

I had a good look round and found a few Egrets, I have not seen them here before but it was nice. I manage one in flight and one with what I think is its young.

Egret with young

Egret in flight

Eat your worm
I have had a few other birds but mostly Gulls

Pulling a worm out

Sawing away
Going for a swim
If you click this one there is a brown bird centre right but I don't know what it is.

Another Egret
Not very good shot
Bloors Wharf
This shows just how big it is, there is no way to get it all in.

For Mike the ghost is back

That all, looks like rain tomorrow so more of these to put up


  1. Lovely shots Trev, shame about the weather !!!
    chris R

  2. Yes Chris but it did stay dry and bright while I was their.
    The more light the better each photograph is.

    Horrible day today as it is that drizzle.

  3. The poor Egret with young, we think it looks like the Egret has a crutch or walking stick. Hi

  4. Yes it does Sue. I am not sure that it is it's young as now it looks like a Gull.

    Have a good day tomorrow.


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