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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wet day, yuck

Yes the title says it all, yuck day. I had some shopping to do and hoped the rain would clear when I got back, no chance. It was still raining after lunch but by then it was a 'orrible drizzle.

About 3:00pm it almost stopped so I managed to go and replenish the feeders. This brought a flock of Starling down from wherever they have been hanging around. Well it was three and that is a flock round here lately.

I also manage a few "action shots" and a couple of very damp flowers. It seems that most of the Doves are just sitting around getting wet. You would think that they would find a nice leafy tree to shelter under but no they just get wet.

Sitting around getting wet
See what I mean

As I said it was down to a drizzle and some flower look really nice that way.


I can't remember what the next is called but it is a common one, I would know it if I heard it.

I think when wet these look beautiful 

Some daft birds

Wet Starling
I'm not sure how he flew as he was soaked.

Just proving you wrong he can fly

In a flap
He was being chased by the one behind.

I'm not sure where he thought he was going to land but he gave it a try. 

Coming in
He did land only to be chased off by the one who was there.

Low flying bird

Out of here
That's it for today, there won't be a sunset tonight as it is going to rain some more. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day and I can get back to the Nature reserve

Have fun and enjoy


  1. Well what a day eh Trev, Nice Rose shot. We managed a few at Tenterden as it stopped raining down there for two and a half hours. We even had a picnic.(outdoors).
    See you tomorrow as we were up at 6am, off to bed.

  2. Some great action shots Trev ! I think the red flower is possibly Gladioli...but not sure from the shot you took ? hope you have a better day today,
    chris R


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