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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

two days in one catch up

Hi all
       With Teston Park I have got one day behind so this is catch up (Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, the fur ball was back looking more like a Sparrow as as you will see he is blending into the background.
The trouble with Monday is that I don't get a lot of time with the camera, so I have to use it on and off.
There was lot of activity first thing then nothing until late afternoon. It was the same this morning with lots happening in a short while. Enough chat here are some pictures taken over Monday

The fur ball
  He looks so tiny and he is puffed up. He does blend with the background

Blending with the background
I have processed this to try and make him stand out a bit more

After a while the Starlings decided to pay a visit.

He had a bite and then flew off

Thirsty Dove
Now we come on to Tuesday morning and wow wasn't it busy.
It all started around 0730 when the Starlings appeared.

loving Peanuts
Then off he flew 
This is my really first capture of a Starling in flight as they are quick

Starling in flight
Not the best but it is luck how the wings are

He wants a drink

One more as I can't leave bull boy out can I

The sunset tonight was wonderful
2045 tonight

There are loads more but I will stop here for now

Thanks for looking


  1. Thanks for the great shots Trev, love the sunset
    and the furball.....!!
    Chris R

  2. Thanks Chris, just wait until the next one from yesterday.

  3. The Starling in flight is my favourite.

  4. Lucky Mike as you need a fast shutter speed, so it depends on the light.

    I want a better one.

    I caught a Magpie but it was out of focus, he moved too quick.


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