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Monday, 15 August 2011

Teston Kite Festival Part two

Well you may have seen Mike's pictures of Kites. We tried not to copy each other. There is so much more at Teston Park so I have now tried to give you an over all view of it.

The river Medway runs along side the park so there is loads of wild plants and life to take pictures of. The lock I  have left to Mike to show you. I hope this gives you an insight to what you can see at Teston. I haven't been able to identify  the plants as I have a limited books on wild plants.

The first part is a view round the park and part two the river bank.

Teston Park

Teston Park

Teston Park

  The river bank

Teston Bridge
Teston Bridge was built in the 1600's I believe and is a crossing of the River Medway. 

On the river bank

On the river bank
Er, I wonder just what this one is........
No Prize for guessing

Moving on as we walk up the river bank on demand

Two Swans
I had photographed them before so they are just showing off, they did come right up to up to us, but I will let Mike put those pictures up

This was too nice to leave out.

Mike and I took loads more so I will leave the rest for him.

This morning I was outside when that baby Sparrow came for a feed. I got the camera and went out again. I took a few picture and he just carried on feeding. He has lost a lot of his down but still looks like a fluff ball.
You will have to wait until tomorrow to see.

Bye bye


  1. Hi Trev, love the shots ! Some kind of orchid
    it looks really pretty.....Just love the 'reflections' shot !!!
    looking forward to seeing the baby sparrow....
    Chris R

  2. Thanks Chris, I have two days now to catch up on but I will put the Sparrow in.

  3. Hi Trev, well done, like the "on the river bank shots. I will put the rest up tonight as planned with a swan shot also.
    Still having trouble saving the images on the blog but never mind, I have the images ready so just got to do some typing.


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