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Thursday, 15 September 2011

A great day out

Hello all, it has been one of those days, brilliant! I decided to go out early this morning and had not driven up the road and my phone went off. I pulled over to answer it and it was Mike. He said that he was going to finish early and as Sue was a way working would I like to go out. We arrange for him to call when he finished and I was going to take him to Bloors Wharf. This is where I was going  anyway.

I carried on  to the Wharf and it was nice and quiet with only dog walkers and a few people chatting.

I walked to the wharf and the birds were a little father out than I had hoped. As I got to the wharf there landing in front of me was a pair of Pied Wagtails. I have not seen these for a while but I had a few in the garden years ago.

Pied Wagtail

Pied Wagtail

 This was a good start to the day. I carried on walking.

Having a feed

 I only think this maybe a Godwit as it doesn't really match anything I have

Redshank's and others

This was taken almost into the sun 

Out of this world
I would love to show the moon but they are too dim!

The Moon at 2300
That is it for now

This afternoon Mike and I ended up at the RSBP reserve at Motney Hill because hight water was at 1400 and all the birds were out.
I am letting Mike put his up first and I will put mine up tomorrow.
Go for it Mike


  1. Good work Trev, I enjoyed out trip out, still cant get over the shopping trolleys miles away from the road dumped in the stream....Sad

  2. Nice shots Trev....Its nice that you and Mike can get together !!

  3. It was really a good afternoon, We took a slow wonder out there and just watched the birds.

    I still have not ID that bird as it is not in my book.

    The picture of Jupiter was hard work but it is 400,000,000 miles away.
    More tonight for tomorrow..

    Hows Max Chris

  4. Glad you had a good time .... good pictures Trev .... you are both getting better and better regarding the bird shots ! :0 Love the Wagtail xxx


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