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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Busy two days

It all stared yesterday when I had my front fence replaced. The old one was rotten as a pear and falling down, in fact falling down for years.

My Gardener's husband does odd job so I asked him to come over and fix up a new fence and to clear out my pond. The pond was done about 15 to 20 years ago so it was filled with silt and dead bugs.

Yesterday Steve came along with his daughter and spent all day taking up the old fence, replacing the posts and fixing new panels

New fence
 I wish I had a picture of the old one but I don't

Today was the ponds turn. Steve arrived before 9 and got started taking out all of the grass (more grass than my lawn) then splitting the plants up for later.
He then cleaned out the water finding a grass snake which he laid on the wet compose heap. There were loads of very small frogs and these were put in the top pond until later.
Having cleaned out the bottom and sweeping it out he put the plants in new baskets and laid them out.
He then started on the top pond and put the frogs, snails into a bucket. After checking it over he started to fill it with clean water, this took some two and half hours.

The end result was something I had not seen for nearly 20 years.

the finished pond
 I am very please and sorry at the same time as I never got out to photograph any birds, maybe tomorrow.

Just got in from a nice evening out at Mike and Sue's. Lots of tea /coffee and eat . Also having a nice chat.

see you tomorrow.



  1. Nice Fence and Pond, Steve did a good job there.

    Nice to see you tonight we had a great time.

    No blog from me tonight.

  2. No blog tonight Mike maybe two blog's tomorrow LOL

  3. I do envy you having a pond or two! Trev. I would love one but I feel our garden is too small. Do you have fish? Great stuff about the Grass snake.
    E xxx

  4. Hi Trev, looks like a job well done ! Maybe yoday you'll get some bird shots....fingers crossed !!
    Chris R

  5. You can get small pond or dig one to the size of your garden. it is great fun to watch the wildlife.

    I get mayflies and damson flies in summer and sit at the side waiting for them to land. I have some pictures on Flickr under nature.

    No fish as a Heron or a cat got them years ago.


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