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Thursday, 1 September 2011

If you go down in the woods today (Blean Woods)

Hi All
       What a wonderful day we all had but it was a later start. I started with me driving over to Mike and Sue's to take young Daisy to her nursery school in Ashford. Daisy is  a lovely little girl to have in a car as she is quiet as a mouse. After we dropped her off it was round to B&Q to the chuck wagon. This is something that I have been looking forward to since yesterday. They do the best Hot Dog and Burgers for miles around. This makes my mouth water just thinking about it. If I don't stop I will have to go and make a bacon.......

After lunch Mike drove to Blean Woods near Canterbury. We had a little trouble finding it through the lack of information that we could get, but we got there.

Looking at the site map we decided on the brown route as it was only about 45 minutes. Laugh it took us an hour and a half.

 On entering "THE WOOD" we thought not a place to be after dark, it was spooky in the daylight. You can imagine the tree coming to get you.

Warning if you are nervous please stop reading, if you don't I will not be responsible for your health.

The wood are a dark creepy place as the sky was overcast and dull. There was no wind and you could hear the leave fall from the trees along with other creepy noises. As you enter you are lead into thinking that you are on just another walk because at the entrance is this Heather.


Very nice and calming 

The path winds on and on.

Path going nowhere
Then we started to see dead things.

It is dead and will never see the sun again

Then out of the blue was this slithering sound!

A tree crawling out
This tree crossed our path and you could hear the theme from Quatermass in the background.

Moving quickly on, who would linger only to find more thing that are not long for this world.

Autumn leaves

All cut up
This poor log

After you
Now can you imagine meeting this in the dark I am sure it is moving

Mike and Sue
By this time we were quaking in our boots and I for one wanted to go.

Blean woods would have been nice if the sun had been shining but it did come out before we left and we entered a clearing to just sit down and relax before setting off home.I am sure that is the distance I could hear a Vincent Price laugh

It really was a wonderful day out and we have three more trail to discover.

One last picture before I go just to show how nice it is

Suns out
This was taken from the clearing sun out.

We left Blean Wood vowing to return on a better day. By this time we decided to head home.
We stopped at the Gate Services and had a meal. We were sat by the window were they had bird feeders hanging up in some trees.
There were Blue Tit flying from feeder to feeder and took no notice of us or a dog walker.

We left to come home.

Have a good Day


  1. Very good Trev, very imaginative, I am sure this will do the trick and prevent others venturing there. Then we when go to the other trails it will be lovely and quiet still. Well done, a lovely blog.

  2. Thanks Sue, it was fun putting it together

  3. Oh Trev, my nerves are quite jangled ! Creepy trees calling out to you......Oh my Gawd you lot have some fun, I'll say !!! And I bet Susiequeue is the bravest !!! Us girls stick together, dont you know......Where's Eileen ?
    Chris R

  4. Thanks Chris, Eileen is away thinking of something to have a go at Mike and me with, she will return.

  5. After you one nice. Good blog, Eileen will probably comment like "dont you know what tree that is"

  6. Mmmmmmmm I have been reading both your blogs (Mike and Trevor ) AND the comments! 'Bossy boots' indeed!! lol ..... I am only trying to help when you go wrong .......nothing changes, cos even after all these years you get it wrong a lot!! lol :) However, this post was SUPER Trev ...... moody and interesting ! Great pictures as well .... I love the 'all cut up' comment.

    @ Mike, Gonna be sure I support Trev with his Tree identification I have bought a BOOK !! lol lol lol

    Luv Eileen xxx

  7. Thanks Eileen
    I am glad you like it. It won't be long now before all the trees will be in full colour and that will really change the mood.


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