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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bits of this and that

Funny start to the day, I was late getting up but when I got to the kitchen there was a Goldfinch on the feeder. Now I have not seen many of these birds as they seem to just fly through. This one was perched on the feeder  just munching away. with Dove's all around.

  Then he went back to eating

Head down feeding
That was it as most of the birds stayed away all morning.

I thought I would go and see what Nor Marsh was like but I only got to Motley Hill.

The tide was coming in and for once the birds were  close in.

I took a few shots but they were really too far away. He is a selection of what I manage to keep.There is one shot with an unknown bird in it.

Taking off

The middle bird I need an ID 
 I have not found this one in my books yet

A swimming time

Up and away

That is it for today I hope for more tomorrow


  1. Morning Trev ..... Well, I have had to sit down cos you say it's a Goldfinch on your feeder ....... and IT IS !

    I don't know what the Gull is swimming or what the Black and white one is..... yeah... I know, that makes a change cos I fink I am pretty 'cool' about knowing my birds! I will ask OTL... he knows lots of useless stuff lol lol lol

    Trev, would it be possible to update the link to Mikes blog on your side bar? cos it take us to his old blog!... and while you are updating stuff ....could you change MY link name to read "Eileen's Outstandingly Wonderful Crafty Blog"...... it has more of a classic 'ring' to it I feel.... Wot do you think?

  2. Nice shots Trev, I see Eileen's on top form this morning.......She obviously got a good nights sleep !!! And she is right about her wonderful blog !!!
    chris R

  3. Well Trev, what can I say, praise from Eileen on getting your bird right. I see you sneeked another blog in whilst I was working, well done.

    Just had a look at your blog Chris, some nice work there< I must say you girls have a lot of skill in what you do.XX

    Oh well so much for being retired, back to it.

  4. I must investigate "Blog Of Chris".

    What luck with the Goldfinch Trev, waiting for the camera as he did, glad you managed to get the captures. Looks good weather today, so lots of luck.
    My knowledge of birds and trees is very limited and as I told you, our friend Gary is very into all the wildlife and it makes it very interesting knowing they have names.
    Off now to find Chris. (Before work, don't blame me if no dinner).

  5. Thanks all for your nice comments.
    I have tried that Eileen and it still takes me to the same one and the same happens with mine it goes back to my first one in April. I will try again and see what happens.

    Your blog, of course I will

  6. So far I have managed to get Mike to come up with today's. I have changed the name on yours Eileen but your blog comes up in May this year. Please try it to see.

  7. Eileen, wot's up with the task bar along the top of your puter screen mine are all there, well except for Chris which I will add tonight.

    It's Michael Goodes Trev, Mike Goodes was just a try out so dont use that one. Sorry to confuse every one but that's par for the course. I'm a MAN after all, well I was last time I looked.

  8. Now who is confused, Eileen was talking about the link at the side of the page.

    The top bar is a bookmark and mine goes to the page that I started on! This applies to both mine and your's.

  9. Not confuzed, why cant she use the top bar like us blokes, it's soooo simple. lol

  10. Chris, there is a link now to your page on the right hand side under links

    I think that I have sorted out all of the other ones.

  11. Mike you are asking for a smack from Bossy Boot's

  12. Thank you Trev ...... all links sorted and working well .... I do use the top bar as well Mike, but we girls need more links cos then we can multitask and have a choice .... we understand you blokes need to keep things simple!!! ..... lol lol lol .

    The Gull swimming abt Trev is A Black Headed Gull in it's winter plumage ..... OTL told me to check with bird guides on google .... go to Bird Guides ...species.... and it gives you names and pictures if you don't know the names! lol lol xxx

  13. Thanks Eileen I will take a look

  14. It was the one in the third picture up It has white under its wings and was flying with the others , Eileen


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