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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

On the wing

Not been out today and have been busy indoors. I managed to settle down around 3:30 this afternoon.
So sorry about that reflection again.

Now I managed some nice picture of Pigeon's and one good one of Magpies in their beautiful colours. If you look closely at the Pigeon's you will see a lot of tatty feathers, it looks like they have not finished moulting yet.

Some of the antics are brilliant but you would think that they have been starved for a week.
It is worth clicking the picture and enlarging then to get the full effect.

Rough landing
 He tried to force him out of the way and landed on his back the other one stood his ground and he had fly off.

Hello there

Push off
For some reason the Doves are getting aggressive with each other, it seems to me to be more so lately.

My turn

UP, up and away

Make way

Low fly birds (duck)
 You can see the one on the table duck out of the way

What no room
 The one on the left has his eye closed

Push off scruffy
Look at the feathers of the bird in flight there is worse to come.

Not sure who won but one did drop to the ground.

More scraps
 There were five birds on the table at one time until a sixth tried to get in, then most of the few off.

I've had enough, so have I
These three were happy feeding away and just decided to go

Feeding Magpies
Lovely blue on their wings

The end
These would have been better if not for that reflection

I hope that you got as much enjoyment out of looking as I did trying to take these.
Mike and I are off somewhere but not sure what the weather is going to be like yet.


  1. Great set Trev, see you in the morning.

  2. Great shots again Trev .... As you say lovely colours and I have not noticed the reflection as much now.... as for the 'aggression' from the Collard Doves... they are one of just a few birds that 'mate' all year ... they are always 'at it' Trev and when the female bird has a headache she can get right 'ratty' as in your 'Push off' picture! lol lol lol xx

  3. Hi Trev, some beautiful 'birds in flight' shots!
    I live in Kenilworth, warwickshire and it rained here all day yesterday! Poor little Max did not like getting his paws wet !!
    Chris R

  4. Sound like I have heard that before Eileen.LOL

  5. Thanks Chris, I was not able to go out until late, so the best I could do was my garden.

    It is rain now but is going to clear just after lunch, Mike and I are going out and maybe get some pictures of our beautiful county.


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