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Monday, 19 September 2011

Upnor from St Mary's Island

Too busy on Monday's to go after the birds, so after I had my lunch I went on to St Mary's Island. Opposite is the village of Upnor. This is supposed to protect the Medway Town's with it's castle.

Upnor Castle

I get everywhere
Cannon's across the river

 I had not been on the tow path long when the harbour master's boat appeared.

Harbour Boat

Looking across the river to Upnor

Living on the water front

The Pub (The Ship)

Upnor Sailing Club

Another Pub
On the wing

Flying 6 feet above the water


Working on your boat

Well it was an enjoyable walk for an hour and made a change. The weather was warm but a little windy

That's it for today
Thank's for looking


  1. Well done mate, good ones across the water. You say it was warm but windy, I had a jumper on all day.

  2. Hi Trev, Nice to see your surroundings as I have never been to this part of the world.....Some very good shots again Trev !
    chris R

  3. Yes Mike it was gusting but warm.

    Thank you Chris. It was nice in the sunshine.

  4. Good shots Trev making good use of the lens and you even found the birds. Fun having a blog and finding places to show, it's within walking distance of the Chatham Historic Dockyard Chris so you will be having a bit of a travelogue.
    Glad Max is doing well with his "potty training" at least you will only have little bags to take out not a plastic toilet seat that we need for Daisy!

  5. Smashing shots Trev .... love the Swan and the Castle.... Ken took some when he went to Upnor a while ago.... only this side of the river xxx

  6. Thanks all, It was windy but warm.

    A nice walk.


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