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Friday, 14 October 2011

Back to Ore Mash again

Well I could not waste today's sunshine could I!

After a load of work, going to the tip, shopping and building furniture I had lunch and was a little fed up with all this work. So I decided to go to Ore again. A knock at the door held me up (in the nicest possible way) it was Terry who wanted my old 300D that Mike had told him might be for sale. We chatted for about 3/4 hour and he left.

I then set out for Ore Marshes, The traffic was light but slow which meant that I did not get there until 1510 a lot later than I had hoped as I was going out tonight.

What difference from yesterday, there were only a few birds close to the road and the rest right out. But they were flying around in big flocks.

Flock one
Not sure what these are 

Lapwings in flight
They were taking off and landing all the time I was there

More Lapwings
This Egret really up set it's partner and had to do a runner

The start

Even frightened the other birds

Its off 

Still running  and landed on the island

Glad I got a way

This is a Starling not a missile 
I think I did well to get this shot.

These next two are a different Egret

Looking for food

I tried to get a shot with his head under water but he was too fast for me.

Don't forget to wash behind your ears

Must take after Daisy, having a snooze

Drying off
I can't resit these shot, a majestic bird if ever there is one

Ruffs, I think

Ruffs and Lapwings

Avocet, these were right out again

I looked on the other side of the road and there were these duck

Nobody looks this way and there are wild horses, a Grey Heron (see tomorrows blog) the duck and a PS.
I had to pack up at 4 and I caught the Friday rush hour, boo.

See you tomorrow


  1. You certainly must have taken alot of photos in the 50 minutes you were there, nice to see the flocks, it must have been a wonderful sight. Looking forward to the wild horses and glad the PS was still in evidence.

  2. Lovely shots Trev ! At least the weather was half decent for you !!!
    Chris R

  3. Thanks both,
    I hope to get out later but I still have some to put up from yesterday.

    Yes Sue about 150 plus using my bins on a tripod. I am hoping that a spotter scope arrives today and I will go again but I think it might be crowded there at weekends.

  4. Well done Trev, great post. Not spending more money like me lol.

    Might have a go on Wednesday at Qre it the weather is ok and take my Nikon along for a blast, we will see.

    Glad you got your furniture sorted out.

    We can go back to normal next week as the plumber has gone.

    Would like the Bigmer 500mm for the Nikon but that's not going to happen.

  5. It would be nice to go to Ore if the weather is bright. Hight water is later next week than this and that will help.

    Ok on the lens, put it on the wish list (then go and buy it anyway LOL)


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