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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ore Marsh part two

As I said yesterday nobody looks behind them. there is a PS as well as wild horses and some birds.

Herd of wild horses
 There are a lots in the field and one of the people there told me that they (the horses) are just left to do their own thing

Heron watching a horse
 This was hard as that darn Heron kept moving behind that bush, daft bird

PS behind horse

Asleep at 1530
These birds must have had words with Daisy and Holly But they soon woke up with a start

Woken up "what's going on"


On the wing



I think some of these are Lapwings and some Ruff's

Ruff's maybe

Grey Heron in flight
I nearly missed this one as he was on the other side of the flood 

That is it for my Friday afternoon out. It may have only been 45 minutes but what a 45 minutes it was.
Spotter scope has arrived today so the maybe a few more pictures.

I got out about 10 this evening and took a few shots of the moon. After playing with them this is the best.

Thanks for looking


  1. Nice blog and Lapwing shots.

    Must have a go at the Moon sometime.

    Nice to see you this afternoon

    keep smiling.

  2. Thank Mike, yes have a go as it is not as easy as it looks.

  3. I enjoyed this post Trev... good shots of the flocks. Have fun with your scope

  4. Some fabulous shots there Trev ! So much detail in the moon shot.......Awesome !!
    Chris R

  5. Thanks all
    I am off to Ore in a mo as low water was 8:20.

    See you soon


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