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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friday afternoon at Ore Marsh

Hi All
        Friday I took a trip to Ore Marsh and decided to have a look round before I did anything. I drove to the car park and a had a look across the estuary at the IOS. There were a few walker on the sea wall and one with a telescope looking out onto the mud flats. There were not many birds close like there have been in fact not that many at all. I then drove up to the viewing point and not 50ft away was a feeding Egret.

Egret feeding
 I was trying to catch him picking up but he was really too quick for me.
The light was poor and overcast with no hint of sun. 

Then in front of me 

Feeding duck
This duck thought he was a submarine as he kept diving below the surface. I tried to catch him coming up or going down. I spent quite a long time just watching him.

After a while I thought that I would go round to the east hide and get  a different angle on these birds and in the case of the Godwit's closer.

Landing Godwit's
These are from the hide which was even darker than the outside.

Cormorant drying off 
The island is a lot closer to the hide than the road, but it is a pity that the light was not better.

Ducks feeding
I think that I took this one on the walk to the hide but not sure.


Walking on water

The hide is a bout 20 to 30 feet from the edge of the flood.

Make way

Then a Magpie landed not far from me

Magpie with great big nut
I hate to think of him swallowing this, it is nearly as big as him.

After a while I walked back to the car and on my way I noticed the reed.

Reed bed

Getting back on the road I found some very tame Sparrows sitting on the fence. I got really close to them and they stayed. This is one for Mike's new lens, me I used my 400.

Three Sparrows
They even let me walk past them without flying off.


As I said before nobody looks the other-side of the road and that is a big mistake.
I saw this bird land in the field behind me in the reeds or on the edge.

Grey Heron
Not a good shot but he is in the reeds.

A little farther across was this

Greylag Geese

I think this is the best picture of the day.

That is it thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Trev .... I had a good look at your pictures and enjoyed them all .... The sparrows were cute and I like The heron shot but must agree with you that the last picture was the best shot of the day .... E xxx

  2. Hi Trev, yes I must agree wiv our Eileen about the last shot. Sorry I have not been around but it's been manic here work wise. Keep em coming.

  3. Hi Trev, the thought of the magpie swallowing that nut brings tears to my eyes ! Good post, have a good Sunday !
    Chris R

  4. Thanks all,

    I am glad to hear it Mike, keep going.

    Yes Chris I have no idea what he did with it as he took it into the long grass.

    I hope that the next time the sun is out when I go there.


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