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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Woodchurch Village Life Museum

Hi All
        This afternoon I had a trip out to this Museum with the Kent Morris Minor club. Woodchurch is between Ashford and Tenterden  and is about four miles off of the A28, it is close to the East Sussex border. The museum is only part of what is at Woodchurch as there is the Rare Breeds Centre not that far away.

There were about 20 of us arrived at a very small car park and were made welcome by is curator who gave us a short history lesson of how and why the museum was formed. We then went inside. Entrance fee is just £2 and is worth a lot more. for more information

1000 years of history
 I cant tell you much about the stuff on display but is is a lot crammed into a small space. See their web site .

A 1920 petrol pump
The label said one shilling and three pence 1/3 LSD per gallon (roughly 5 ltrs)

The TV says 50's
 Our first TV about 1951 was a 12inch screen

Two pumps
 Outside waiting to be restored

In there flower boarder

I have no idea what these are as I have never seen them before.

If you would like a run out that is not too far then it is worth a visit.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Trev, interesting stuff, dont know what that tree is either !
    Chris R

  2. Wow Trev, that's not far from Ashford. Great pictures and interesting post.

  3. Woohoo! we know Woodchurch very well.... Stayed there on a CL site, often with Karen and Miffy loads of times .... Lovely village.

    Thanks Trev great post, bringing back lots of super memories! xx

  4. Thanks All, it was something different and a great afternoon out.

  5. Nice to see the Museum at Woodchurch, it looks very interesting and somewhere that we must take a look at.
    I know where the Rare Breeds Centre is and Daisy has been there a few times with Ian & Claire.
    Very good post and I don't know the plants either!

  6. I think it is just down the road Sue.
    Just look it up on the web


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