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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A bad day ended well

It has not been a good week for me with one thing and another. Yesterday I was so stressed out trying to get rid of some furniture that I was not very good company even to me. Well 7:30 last nite the furniture  went and I am now clear to get on, woopy do.

I manage to clear a room and start to tidy up the house (something that it hasn't been for a while). Lunch time I decided that I was going out, don't know where but not stay in.

After lunch I thought I would go back to Ore Marsh as the weather was not too bad. I set off about one and arrived at one forty. Well it was different from last week as there was only three Godwit's close in but loads of Lapwing's. With them was an Egret only some 50 feet away from me. At this time it was dull and overcast just like last week.

Egret with Lapwings

Having a wash and brush-up
Out farther was a Grey Heron just standing there.

Wind swept

Looking round

There were a few people still sitting there  having lunch but after they went I was  on my own.


Godwit's in flight
These are a little far away to be sure if they are Godwit's

Cormorant drying off 

Hands up
A nice reflection of a Lapwing

Who's a pretty boy then 

Don't know what this is but there were a lot of them. This was the only real picture of them.

Today these were a long way out and not moving much.

After this trip out I felt nice and relaxed and came home.
I still have plenty of work to do but it will take weeks to finish it as the weather in going to get colder next week. I will try and get out before the weekend and hope for some sunshine. I did have about 15 minutes of sun but it clouded over just before I left. It then brightens up after I left on the way home.
I have enough to show tomorrow if I run out of time.

Thank's for looking


  1. Glad your furniture has gone, it will make it easier to work around. We expect the bathroom to be finished tomorrow so no plumber arriving at 8 am on Friday.
    Glad you felt better for going out and you managed to get some good shots, the forecast is for a good weekend so let's hope they are right.

  2. Very good Trev especially the "hands up" image. Keep going Ore seems the place to go. Getting busy now so dont know how much time I will have by the week end.

  3. Lovely shots Trev ! I like the reflection ones....
    Glad your day got better !!!
    Chris R

  4. Yes Sue, I now have a Bookcase and a chest of draws to put together, that should be fun!

    Mike that was lucky shot as I was looking else where and turned. Some of the reflections were great but too many to put up.

    I has a Cormorant in flight but he was going away from me and it was a black bird shape in the sky.

    I will walk out to the hide next time and get a different angle.

    I am glad you have some work and that the bathroom is nearly finished.

    To work now, thanks for the comments

  5. I like the shot of 'hands up' as well Trev .... whats with all the furniture removals ...are you decorating? if so have fun!!

    E xxx

  6. No Eileen but moving room's. It is too late in the year so I will start that next year.

    It is going to be sunny tomorrow so I may go back to Ore Marsh.


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