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Monday, 7 November 2011

April 14th 2010

With the weather like it is I have not been able to get out today. It was misty on the river at 1200 so I let today go.

I have been looking through old files and came across something that I did (along with others) last year, a visit to Sir Patrick Moore's House in Selsey.

The Mid-Kent Astronomical Society arranged a visit to see over Sir Patrick's house and his garden where the Sky at Night is transmitted or recorded from.

When you meet Sir Patrick he is what you see on the Television. His carer split the group in half with one going out in the garden and the other staying to chat with Sir Patrick. The first thing he said was to drop the Sir as that was for other occasions.

On thing that made me take a step back was when we arrived at his front gate I realised that a few years ago I went to a customer along the road not knowing that he lived there.

This is the opening shot as the programme starts,
 so this is where I will start

Tea with Patrick
After the chat which took place where they film the programme We swapped over and went out in the garden where Trevor (Patrick's carer) showed us round. Some of these you see every programme.

Two picture of his house
Sometimes seen on the show

Stop yawning Eileen

Front garden

The dome

Inside the dome
This is the telescope they use in the show

The mount

After three hours we left to come home. It was a great day out and all 17 of enjoyed it.

No PS no birds just a journey back in time.


  1. A very interesting post Trev...I didn't yawn........much! Only kidding, it looks like you all had a great time and I have seen the program on TV ... Kendo is very interested in that sort of stuff .... xx

  2. PS ..... My gawd .... he has a BIG one in his shed!!LOL

  3. Hi Trev, a very fascinating post, you must have enjoyed it ......Hope the weather is better tomorrow !
    OSL (DAVE)My husband has started his photography blog,if you fancy a look....
    Chris R

  4. Thanks for putting this up Trev, more than I did. Good and interesting blog of good old Patrick.

    I used to watch the sky at night a lot when I was a wipper snapper.

    Chis I cant get Dave's link to work.

  5. Chris, Dave's blog works for me and I left a comment on it.

    Yes it was a great day out and the weather was warm.

    Patrick was 88 (89 now) and is a great man to talk to. He did have to cut our visit sort as he get tried after three hours.


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