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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Caught on the hop

Hi All
       This morning I was really caught out. I was thinking of taking a trip out but was not really curtain where I wanted to go, so I thought after last nights rain I would clean the lens and the camera.

Having done this I packed it away and wondered what time high water was, not being sure but thought it was around 1300. I walked out in to the other room and there on the feeders was a flock of Goldfinches, well 5 of them. I thought that if I set up the camera again they would be gone. I was lucky as they were still there. But the normal problem of the reflection was there too. I took a few shot but two lots of glass did me no favours. I opened the door and they still carried on feeding. Great so a few more shots. Then the windows steamed up and that was the end. I had got some good shots but with bad light and the reflections I deleted quite a few.

Try these!

A flock of five
 I did have six but as one flew in one flew out

Down to four

Flying in
I have just caught this one in flight but with a low speed I was not going to do any better

And while I was standing in the doorway.

Needing a drink
That is it with the weather and other thing it is a short blog.

Have fun



  1. They are such little 'beauties' Trev ... great, great pictures ...HOWEVER! lol lol lol Tut, tut Trev ... not a 'flock' of Goldfinches....a 'Charm' that's the real term used. I will be back later to see if you have altered that caption ... lol lol lol :)

  2. Gorgeous little birds.....Great shots Trev !
    Chris R

  3. Oh dear, in trouble again, only the depths varies.

    Oh well it's a Charm of GF not a flock.

    The Robin showed up at the bird table twice after these but no camera handy.

  4. Never mind feeling sorry for him ..... he's sitting on the 'naughty step' ! lol :)

  5. I remember seeing you telling us it was a charm, but then they also say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I rest my case!

  6. You can go off some people you know Susie.(:-)


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