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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hothfield Heathlands

Hi All
     Mike , Sue and I took Daisy off to Jelly Bean in Ashford and then set off to Hothfield Heathlands (that is a mouthful). We found out the hard way that you need at least a week to look round the place. It is massive to say the least, down hill, up hill, tree roots in the middle of the path. Bogs that look very deep. Trees fallen and tree going to fall. a real dangerous place to be sure, but fun as well. If the trees don't get you the bogs will.  Fungi everywhere. Lovely open ground, and very near the River Stour.

We left Sue reading her book in the car while Mike and I went on a two hour hike, It is a wonderful place as my picture will make clear. So, off to the woods, dark  at first but out into a clearing and followed the path down to what is called Main Bog. This has a bridge over it and the path then goes up hill to a lot higher ground.

We found 100's of Toadstools and bits of fungi but I told Mike to put his up first so you will have to wait for mine. I will put up the scene's of trees and other things.

Near the entrance 

Heather and greenery 

Tree in the open

Looking across the towards the valley


The fading sun

The fallen

All cut up

Blown over
There are a lot of trees like this and I wonder if this happened back in 87. A lot are rotten and have been laying over for a long while

Path across the Main Bog
This path is laid out as to cross the bog which is only one of three on this site.

The old man of the forest
That is all I am putting up from the heathland but there are loads to come later on.  Mike has a picture of the map which will show you how big an area it is and the different paths you can take.

I was going to finish here but two things have happened today that makes me carry on. The first was the sun rise as I was going for the papers.

Sun rise 0715
  The second was a Robin wandered into my conservatory and had trouble getting out. He was not afraid of me as he landed on a chair just close to the camera. I manages to get him to the open door and he flew to a pot just outside. All this time he was tweeting away. I think he know that I put food out for him.
The shot was taken with the standard 18 - 55 lens.

Robin on a chair
 That's it have fun and thank's for looking.


  1. Wonderful,wonderful place Trev ... looks like we will be going there .... Lovely pictures. A very enjoyable post! The Robin picture is a total delight!!!!

  2. He almost came on my finger but I got afoot from him and he decided not to.

  3. Hey, great Robin pic Trev, you did well with that one. Thanks for the lovely introduction and built up to Heathfield, I hope my blog does your post justice. Cheers, Mike

  4. it sure did Mike,
    I was talking to Keith tonight (he lives round the corner for the Heathland) he said we were unlucky not to see the longhorn cattle. Well maybe next time.

  5. yer, we must go again, maybe next Wednesday, fancy another go? I do considering my head was pounding and I couldn't concentrate that well they came out ok.

  6. Yup that would be fine, Let's hope you are better and the sun is shining.

  7. What a great blog, you chose a good selection of pics, makes you want to be there. That robin, oh well done on that, you were really lucky and he was so brave. Something to treasure.


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