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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

out in the mist!

Oh dear what a morning yesterday was. Thick fog in places and only about 200 yd in others.

I thought that I would have a drive in the mist and see what was going on, I managed a few horses shots, some came out well, well other were noisy. Then on to the Larches, neck deep in mud for a wonder round. While wondering I meet two ladies out horse riding and had a chat but no pictures. There was a few fungi but not very pretty (common). Loads of fallen tree and logs. It was very muddy so I was glad I had my walking boots on.

Horses in the mist

They didn't want to talk to me, just eat

Then on to The Larches


Before I left home there was this web in the driveway. I really needed a step ladder to get this shot but they are locked up in the  garage.

No Spider Eileen

That is it, I came home for lunch and then to the Doctor's for my Flu jab, no it didn't hurt.

Up early this morning and there was a nice crescent Moon,

Crescent Moon 
So small now it is hard to see. There were some track in the sky as well

I wonder where they were going

That is it have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Wow ...wonderful post Trev ... I just adore loads of Pictures .... I love 'em all but my favs are the horses .... beautiful animals.

    Thanks for sharing Trev .... I love it when you little 'bloggers!' go out and take your pictures ! xxxxx

  2. Thank you Eileen, wait until tomorrow.LOL

  3. Opps, Trev I missed the comment, sorry with all the banging in my head. Great Misty/Horse shots well done.


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