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Friday, 11 November 2011

The hunter waits

Hi All,
       It is another misty morning, the price we pay for having warm day at this time of the year.
I went out to feed the birds this morning and right by the feeder was the web. Now I have no idea how to photograph webs so this is a first. As Mike will tell you I am lazy when it comes to close ups. I use a big lens instead of a close up. With my back at the moment that is a must. So the lens was my 300 mm at about 6 ft, good enough for my back.

The spider waits somewhere out of sight, waiting for  its pray to feed its hungry self..

If weather good I hope to get out to Riverside tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Morning Trev, fabulous web the intricate detail of this !
    Hope that back of yours is getting better ?
    chris and Dave

  2. Well done Trev especially after those chips, YUMMY

  3. You and your Chips Mike LOL.

    The back is ok but still hurts when I get up of a morning.

    I will be ok later

  4. Mmmmmmmm I spent 10 flippin minutes !!! looking for the spider!! Then read your post and realised it's not there! ...... "chewing on my keyboard" lol xxxx :)

  5. Nice photo of a web Trev..... love it ! XXXX

  6. No it is not Eileen, LOL

    Oh dear Mike what next.


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