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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Three old git's go the Riverside Part one

Hello All,
As the title says I went to Riverside this afternoon.I only have one picture of an old git but I am sure Mike has a picture of the other two.

One of three old git's
We met at 1030 this morning and sort of walked out to the point on Horrid Hill.This took us some two hours or so. Plenty to see but the mist was more a fog.

This was the best PS that I took today
I think Mike may have a better one (I hope so)

Of course walking out to Horrid hill the first thing that you pass is the tug Waterloo built in 1891.

More than a rusty hulk but a landmark

On the way back to have some lunch in the little cafe we saw some nice reflections

As there was no sun everything was a bit dull, but you can't have everything.

Then we got talking about waves. Now I had not noticed small wave but do look at surfing type.

Well that is it for today, I will bring you part two tomorrow 

Have fun


  1. Next time get Charles to sit for over 2mins for a picture. LOL

  2. Do you think he can sit still for two minutes?

  3. Well done Trev, Charles could never sit still for that period of time unless he is asleep.

  4. I did notice that it wasn't Charles who had to sit still as he was the one on the other end of the camera. Nice tugboat Trev, first time I knew its' name. You captured lots of colours on a dull day.

  5. I agree with Sue .... super post Trev with some super colours considering the conditions XX

  6. Hi Trev, love the tug and your reflections shot !
    Have a good sunday !
    chris and Dave R


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