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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lazy Friday

Hi All,
      Just could not work up the energy to go out after shopping yesterday. Mike came to lunch and we had a chat about going back to Hothfield Heathlands on Wednesday. So it will be more pictures of the Heathland next week.

I was out late last night so I did not get to write this until now, I have loads of picture left over so here goes.

Two more picture of the robin the other day

Colony at Riverside

Plant life

Still looking fresh in the middle of November

I am off out in a few minutes, so I hope to have some more for tomorrow

Have Fun, thank's for looking


  1. Enjoy your day Trev .... I still love the Robin !

  2. Yep well done Trev, good one of the Robin.

  3. cold out today fingers frosted up and I came home.

    Need warm cloths on now

  4. Super Robin shots Trev, Hows your back now ?
    The lavender in our garden has started to flower again......
    chris and Dave R

  5. Back ok now Chris but the odd twinge that is all.

    The Robin was only feet away and I only needed him to keep still. He almost came on my finger at one time but few off at the last moment.

  6. Really good robin shots and I also love the big group of birds flying at Riverside. Lastly the plant looks fresh and perfect.


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